SON Estrella Galicia: Mavis Staples + Jon Muq

“I am the messenger,” says Mavis Staples on the eve of her 80th birthday. “That’s my job, it has been my entire life, and I can’t just give up while the fight is still alive. We have more work to do, so I will continue to get stronger and continue to spread my message every day.”

That message, a wake-up call to love, faith, justice, brotherhood and joy, is at the heart of We Get By, Staples’ spectacular twelfth studio album and their first full-length collaboration. with multiple GRAMMY awards winner Ben Harper.

We Get By is certainly a timely collection, arriving as it does in the face of deep social divisions and heightened political tensions, but like everything Staples touches, it’s also bigger than any particular moment, a timeless appeal to the better angels of our nature that is universal in its scope and unwavering in its guarantee of better things to come.

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