Steven Wilson

Extremely successful yet always uncompromising, Steven Wilson has been one of the most creative and consistent artists in the United Kingdom over the past thirty years. A musician, producer, spatial audio innovator, and occasional band leader, Wilson has pushed the boundaries between expansive rock music and visionary electronic sound. His seventh solo album, The Harmony Codex, was released to universal acclaim in 2023 following the successful and unexpected reunion tour of Porcupine Tree, the band Wilson led from the mid-’90s until their hiatus in 2010. Wilson’s last three albums (To The Bone, The Future Bites, and The Harmony Codex) reached the Top 5 on the UK album charts.

Steven Wilson comments: “I am delighted to announce a Steven Wilson tour for 2025, my first in 7 years. The Overview Tour will be an audiovisual experience based on a forthcoming new release of the same name: a space-themed album featuring only two very long pieces. I will also perform music from The Harmony Codex for the first time, as well as songs from all my previous albums. I am incredibly happy to be performing again with my inspiring solo band, and we have a lot of lost time to make up for. I look forward to seeing you on what will be an epic night!”

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