Teenage Fanclub + Sweet Baboo

20 h Doors

20:30 h Sweet Baboo

21:30 h Teenage Fanclub

Teenage Fanclub will do an extensive tour of the United Kingdom and Europe in October and November of this year. A unique tour in which, with the exception of the appointment in Leeds, it will focus exclusively on theaters and spaces with seats.

“During the presentation of our last album, Endless Arcade, although it felt great to be back after the pandemic, we realized that we had been playing in these same places over and over again for more than 30 years. We think that next time we should try to do something different”, reflects Raymond McGinley, founding member of the Scottish band. As part of that tour we played in a couple of places with a seated audience and enjoyed the experience. We had the feeling that the audience also did it, so we decided to organize a new series of dates with a double purpose: to perform a show with a theater atmosphere and to go to places where most of us had not played before”.

Teenage Fanclub’s last album dates from 2021, preceded throughout the past year by the publication of the single “I left a light on”. According to Norman Blake, the band has recently entered a new dynamic: “Before we took a lot of time between records but lately we try to stay busy all the time, both with tours and with recordings. Almost 5 years passed between Here (released in 2016) and Endless Arcade, but the distance with the one that is shaping up to be our next album will be much shorter”.

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