The White Buffalo

Jake Smith recounts that one day some friends convinced him to search for an alias with more mystique than his given name to publish his music. They wrote down several options on pieces of paper, put them in a hat, and randomly drew one: the paper read The White Buffalo.

At that moment, a particular career officially began because, after debuting in 2002 with “Hogtied Like a Rodeo,” Smith seemed to choose his own alternative path in the music industry. He played incessantly, taking his dusty country music all over the United States and even abroad, but he didn’t release any music. For a long time, it was easier to find a performance of his on YouTube than to listen to his songs made for a dawn duel between gunmen on platforms.

Thus began the legend of The White Buffalo, which inevitably skyrocketed when his music began to be played recurrently on the series Sons of Anarchy, full of tough characters like Smith’s baritone voice. His version of “House of the Rising Sun” even provided the soundtrack for the end of the last season. The White Buffalo will bring a piece of the California desert to Barcelona next fall at Paral·lel 62.

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