Voll-Damm Festival Jazz Barcelona: Crosscurrents Trio

Zakir Hussain, Dave Holland and Chris Potter are the Crosscurrents Trio. Every time they give concerts – which is not very often – it is an event, because the conversation between Hussain’s Indian percussion, Holland’s majestic double bass and Potter’s powerful tenor sax results in a glorious intersection where they meet. Indian roots music with jazz. A ceremony of freedom, of unexpected sounds, of the joy of conversation that flows without prejudice and without a set path.

The ideal, Holland said five years ago in La Vanguardia when he presented this trio at our festival, is that the public “come to the concert with their hearts, minds and ears wide open.” «The central idea – he continued arguing – is that music has to do with the human being, with cooperation, with communication, with putting people in community, with sharing, with creating something collectively without the presence of egos, with bring music that shows humanity to people.”

Zakir Hussain, percussion
Dave Holland, double bass
Chris Potter, tenor sax, flute

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