Xavier Bonfill ‘2X2X+’

Xavier Bonfill, a singular voice in the experimental music scene, presents his latest show “2x2x+”: an immersive, multimedia show, focused on his latest EP “2x2x2” (Don’t Look Back Records), as well as selections from his extensive catalog and new material. The Denmark-based composer and performer stands out for his ability to weave contrasts, dualities and contradictions. His music is an eclectic mix of experimental, ambient, electronic and deconstructed pop elements, which together build a singular and abstract narrative where sound, light and video merge to create immersive stories.

His live performances are characterized by their intensity and intimacy, blurring the boundaries between technology and universal human expression. During the 2024 summer tour, the first dates in Catalonia in 9 years, he will be accompanied by electronic musician Cels Campos.

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