Festival Real 360º: Fajardo + Trilitrate

José Antonio Fajardo comes from Fuerteventura and lives in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Since embarking on a tour of the peninsula for the first time in 2009, his career has only matured towards the untransferable; projected throughout several singles and splits, an EP and three albums, the last of which, ‘Intuition’, is from 2021.

Fajardo has developed a diction and a (lack of) control of his own voice beyond all comparative scope. The majoror has left everything on the sidelines and is able to embargo his own body, to use his words at the service of songs that pursue truth everywhere. From the visceral to the tenderest delicacy, Fajardo’s voice envelops his own compositional imprint beautifully and necessary. As a way for the stream, the pieces live on other complementary halves.

These tables apply to the same extent to the compositional stamp, with a metrical discourse that is as precise as it is natural, and structures in which it shows and hides as the discourse demands. Tension and sweetness, suspense and rest in songs as complex in the harmonic aspect as they are simple for the listener’s perception (difficult undertaking). Although, even if measure and austerity can work as a formal antechamber, getting to find the content is something else… Here a whole patina of emotions shines through. A rainbow that redeems solemnity, that spreads from sincerity and that, little by little, conforms to essential aesthetic forms.

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